Things That Made Me Happy (4)

I love these type of posts because they remind me to always try to focus on the positives in life, no matter what else is going on I always try to find the bright side of things. This post is much-needed this week since I had a pretty shitty weekend. I was supposed to have a nice relaxing weekend away camping with my family and the day was great but we ended up having to pack up everything and come back home late in the night. I feel life I spent most of the day packing and unpacking, only to have to come back home that same day and essentially pack and unpack again. I don’t want to see a tent or air mattresses for while! What I love most about these posts is that when I sit down to write them, there are only a few things I can think of to list. But once I start writing, I realize there are a lot of things to be happy about. Here are a few things that made me happy last week.

Things That Made Me Happy…

I found time to read 4 books last week, which hasn’t happened in a while! Those 4 books were audiobooks, but even finding time to listen to audiobooks has been challenging lately so I’m glad I was able to fit in some books. Two of those were really amazing books that I’m still thinking about.
I wrote 5 reviews for my book blog last week! I’ve had a book blog for the past 4 years with one of my friends and since we take turns I usually only post 1-2 reviews a week. Since I only did one review the last few weeks because I was so busy and in no mood to write reviews, I had a few of them pile up on me. I ended up taking an extra day, wrote some mini reviews and somehow found time to knock off 5 reviews from my list. *pats self on back*
I actually had a lot of fun camping the few hours we were actually there. The weather was great, not too hot or cold, and I took a nice long nap.
I got new makeup! My sister gave me some Colourpop items, some Morphe brushes (which are amazing) and Makeup Geek shadows so I’m super happy to be able to play with new makeup.
I’m not sure what happened last week, but I got quite a few new followers on Bloglovin for this blog. Any new follower always puts a smile on my face, so getting more than I usually do in a week put a huge smile on my face.
I see my stats, page views and comments growing each day. I know followers isn’t the reason we blog, but it’s always nice to know you aren’t blogging to yourself.
I did a few tweaks to my blog layout last week, changed some fonts, added sidebar titles, new social media icons. Just some small things that make the overall look better. I also have a new blog design coming up soon and I’m super excited about that as well!
I just cleaned my book room and I feel so much better! The rest of my house may look like a bit of a disaster, but if my book room is clean it makes me want to clean the rest of it. A clean desk especially makes me feel like blogging.
I have my posts planned (but not scheduled) for the next two weeks on both of my blogs. It’s always nice knowing what I wanna blog about instead of trying to decide last-minute.
My niece stayed with me this weekend and I just love the girl! In just three days with me I turned her into a Halsey fan.
I love the song Here by Alessia Cara, and this cover by Sam Tsui and Alex Goot is amazing!

What are some things that made you happy recently?

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