Things That Made Me Happy (6)

Last week was another great week. I’ve had a horrible headache pretty much all of March and it was terrible, and despite a bad reaction to a pain pill I tried, things were still okay. I think my new birth control is responsible for my severe headaches, acne and all these issues I’ve been having all of a sudden this past month. I need to get my old prescription back. But, I finally got rid of my headache on Thursday and the last few headache free days have been glorious! I’m so excited that April is here because March was full of meh. I’m looking forward to a new month, warmer weather and hopefully headache free days. 🙂

Things That Made Me Happy…

  • I finally cleaned my house! Because of my headaches, I was in no mood to clean the last few weeks. And while I cleaned here and there whenever I could, all the mess and laundry was piling up on me and it was driving me crazy! I spent all of Friday and Saturday doing a very thorough clean, upstairs and downstairs and I even did all of the laundry. I felt like letting out a big sigh of relief once I finished.
  • I reached 800 followers on my blog! This may not seem like a big deal to some of you, and considering I’m at 4k bloglovin followers on my book blog, I don’t know why this milestone is such a big deal to me. But it is! I was stuck at like 600 followers for about a year, and this past month I reached 700 and things just started growing from there. I’ve met a lot of new followers and blogs to follow, which I’m also excited about. I think a giveaway is due soon to celebrate my new blog design and 800 followers. 🙂
  • I got the Urban Decay/Gwen Stefani Blush Palette yesterday for only $22.50 at Ulta! Yes, that’s 50% off the original price thanks to the Ulta deal of the day. When I went to Ulta (which is an hour away from my house) there was only 3 palettes left so I’m super excited I got one. With some Ulta credit I had and bonus points, I only ended up paying about $.50 for this amazing palette. Yes, 50 cents!
  • I got an amazing skin care set from Paula’s Choice in the mail this past week and I’ve really liked using all the products and setting a day and night routine. I’ve never really had skin issues or acne, but my skin got super dry and bumpy and I broke out this past month so I’m hoping this clears that up and brings my normal skin back.
  • We booked our Cancun trip for this July and I’m so freaking excited! I am so in the mood to relax by the beach for a week. July can’t come fast enough.
  • I had left my kindle the previous week in a rental car by accident. Luckily, my boyfriend works there and a few of my neighbors too. When I called to tell her that I might have left my kindle in the rental car I had used the week before, they looked and found it and my kindle is safe and back home.
  • I did a lot of reading, well more than I normally get to read. I got to finish two books and two audiobooks, a good reading week for me.

What are some things that made you happy recently?

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