Things That Made Me Happy (7)

I’m so excited that it’s finally April! One month closer to my 30th birthday and one month closer to until school’s out and the weather is warm enough to go to the lake and the water park in my neighborhood. I also want to start walking around the lake in the mornings after I drop the girls off at school again. I used to do it last summer and it was so nice. Here are a few things that made me happy recently.

Things That Made Me Happy…

  • I found some really cute sandals. I have a tiny foot (size 5) and it’s really hard for me to find cute shoes because most of them start at size 6. I was in need of some sandals for summer and for vacation and I ended up finding a really cute pair of wedge sandals that are super comfortable, and they were on sale!
  • I also bought a dress last week. I tend to get stuck in a fashion rut. Now that I don’t work anymore, I kind of forget to buy cute clothes (I live in sweats and workout clothes) and tend to stick to all black, jeans, t-shirts or nice shirts when I do go out. I’ve been trying to break out of my shell lately and I have been wanting to get more dresses and skirts and shorts. I found a really cut summer dress with a cutout back at Forever 21 that goes perfectly with my new sandals. I need to buy more non-black clothes…although I just realized my new dress is black. But it has a nice print on it, so that’s okay.
  • I changed my hair a bit, it’s weird but changing the way you style your hair can make a noticeable difference and is one of those ‘instant makeovers.’ I had been wearing my hair parted down the center for the last few months and I just changed it back to a side part, which is better suited for summer (in my opinion). Now I’m thinking of going back to my natural blonde hair color…
  • I started working out again. I had been doing T25 workouts January, February and half of March but when my headaches got really bad I stopped. Starting is always the worst part of the workout, but once I do I can follow through easily. I even scheduled a time slot for my workouts and set an alarm so I don’t ‘forget.’
  • I cleaned all my makeup brushes this weekend and reorganized my vanity desk. I like cleaning my makeup brushes, it’s kind of therapeutic for me to clean them and see all the gunk removed and try to do it regularly. Besides, nothing beats having clean brushes. I had run out of my brush cleaner and hadn’t found another one I liked yet. I looked on Pinterest and found a great DIY brush cleaner and it did an amazing job at cleaning my brushes. It left my brushes clean and nice and fluffy. I also took out old makeup I don’t use so I can give it to my mom and cleaned my makeup trays and reorganized everything again.
  • I cleaned up my bookshelves again. I get a lot of books and audiobooks from publishers and since I ran out of space in my shelves a while ago, I was just stacking them all on a spare sofa. I found space for them by stacking them on top of other books, but pretty soon I’m gonna have to reorganize my books horizontally since more books fit that way. I may take the opportunity to organize them by color, but who knows. Color coding almost 800 books does not sound like a fun or easy task.
  • I’m hosting a blog makeover giveaway to celebrate my new blog design/theme! If you would like to enter to win a $25 Gift Card from Sephora/Ulta or Colourpop Cosmetics, you can click on the button below to enter. 🙂

    What are some things that made you happy recently?

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