Things That Made Me Happy (3)

I didn’t have a chance to do one of these yesterday since I wasn’t home all day, but I’ve really enjoyed doing these so I figured I’d post it today anyway. Last week was super busy since I had to get everything ready for my girls birthday party on Saturday. The party turned out great and I have lots of things that made me happy. 🙂 My house is currently a disaster, but I’m hoping to tackle that later on and ignore it until then.

Things That Made Me Happy…

  • I’m reading an awesome book! I used to be a really huge reader, I still am actually but I do find it harder and harder to find the time to actually read. When I used to work full-time from 7am-6pm (including an hour commute to and from work) I used to somehow read 3-5 books a week. Looking back, I don’t know how I did it. It helped a lot that I spent my entire lunch hour reading (while I ate). Now that I’m a stay at home mom, I swear I have no time to read. Between the baby, my two kids, keeping up with the house and just life in general I mostly read a few pages a day so now I can only read one book a week. I miss that feeling of completely getting sucked in a book and not being able to put in down. I took my kindle with me to the mountains yesterday and I ended up reading a lot, which felt really nice.
  • I went to the mountains yesterday, it’s about a 30 minute drive from my house and I did not want to go at all because I wanted to clean and wash, but I was roped into going and I ended up having a good time. We took a tent and a bed and I slept a bit, read a bit, ate a bit, hiked a bit, it was nice.
  • I fell asleep super early last night! This hardly ever happens for me. If I get to fall asleep by midnight, I consider that early. Because of our outing yesterday and the party the day before, I was so sleepy when we got home. I showered, ate, saw a movie and fell asleep. We didn’t know what movie to watch so we ended up going with a favorite (The Croods) but our kids heard it and snuck in our bed to watch it with us. I think it was over by 9:30pm and we passed out right after. I was a little bit bored by like 4am but I made myself go back to sleep.
  • The party was a lot of fun, we had it at a place full of trampolines and even though I only jumped a little, it was fun. My girls got awesome presents and we all had a great time.
  • It was my little ones birthday last week, she turned 6 and although I’m sad she’s growing so fast I’m always happy to celebrate birthdays!
  • My little one had her first concert last week and she had a speaking part, which we were nervous about since she can be really sometimes. she was awesome and I loved seeing how school has really helped her break out of her shell.
  • I mentioned last week that I was gonna try to do these Tsum Tsum decorations for the cake…and that ended up being a big fail! Luckily, my cousin who is a pastry chef ended up doing cake balls and they turned out adorable! (below)
  • This video by K.O. from Pentatonix made me happy. Chello + Adele? Yes please! (below)

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