Things That Made Me Happy (5)

Last week was a pretty good week, all things considered. I had a major headache these last few days because I was dealing with hosting and domain issues and my old host was being super unhelpful. What should have taken only a few minutes ended up taking 3 days, but luckily that’s all fixed and taken care of. I did have to redo all of my blog and theme settings, but I’m just glad to be done with it. The GoDaddy people were super helpful and were on a chat with me for like 5 hours while I figured some stuff out. Here are a few things that made me happy recently.

Things That Made Me Happy…

  • I have a new blog header and blog button! I asked my friend Aentee from Read at Midnight if she could design me a new blog header. I wanted something fun, simple and cute and I wanted it to mostly focus on a nice font. I mentioned something to her about lipstick and she came back to me like a half an hour later with this adorable header written in lipstick and I instantly loved it! Aentee also designed out book blog header and button, which I also love.
  • I have a new blog theme! I have been wanting to change my blog theme for months but I never found something that had everything I wanted. I had my eye on Florence for a while, but I wanted something more sleek-looking, when I looked to see what other themes SoloPine had, I knew I had to have Redwood. It has everything on my theme wish list and I love how clean it looks.
  • I installed the new theme all by myself. I am not really a tech savvy person at all, and I have tried a few themes in the past that were not very user-friendly and I couldn’t even change simple things like fonts or colors. This theme was soooo easy to install, I was even able to customize a few things by following the easy step by step instructions on her website.
  • Despite the nightmare that it was to have to import my old blog, have to set everything up again and deal with domain and hosting stuff that I don’t even really know what it means to be honest, I somehow managed to do it all correctly and on the first try. I did do it with the help of GoDaddy, but I still did it! For someone who is super clueless about stuff like this, I’m very proud of myself for being able to do this.
  • I saw Batman vs. Superman this weekend and of course, I loved it. I love the DC and Marvel worlds (although I love DC a little bit more because they are darker) and this was like 3 hours of fun. I wanna see it again to catch all the easter eggs I missed the first time around.
  • I had a relaxing Saturday. These past few Saturdays have been spent either on birthday parties, going to the river or camping. While those were fun, I came back exhausted. It was nice to be able to sleep in and not really do anything all day.Lazy Saturdays are the best.
  • I finally cleaned! My house has been a disaster these last few weeks but I finally cleaned last week. This week I’m tackling my mountains of laundry…
  • I have a new foundation and I loooooove it. The coverage is so nice and light and the color match is perfect.
  • We’re trying to plan our summer vacation trip, we didn’t get to go to vacation last year so we’re due for a vacation soon. Hopefully everything (plane/hotel) works out this week and we’re able to set a date.
  • My kids got their report cards and they are both doing great in school. My oldest (3rd gade) was struggling with reading last quarter and she improved drastically so I’m really happy about that. My little one met all her Kinder standards last year so I’m happy she’s learning too.

What are some things that made you happy recently?

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