Top 4 Makeup Rules Tween and Teen Models Must Live By

A child’s pre-teen and teenage years are stages filled with experimentation and curiosity. During this period, these youngsters, especially those who aspire to become models, try out many different things like makeup.

Although most professional makeup artists reserve those dark heavy eyeshadows for ladies 18 years and up, tweens and teens seem to have stowed away on the bandwagon. Even at a young age, these girls put on products that, instead of enhancing their youthful beauty, make them look older than they really are.

While there is no rule stating that younger ladies shouldn’t wear any makeup, it goes without saying that what is applicable to adults doesn’t automatically have the same effect for the younger generation. Instead of copying how older women look, tweens and teens should find their own makeup combo that will highlight how special they are.

To achieve this, below are four makeup rules tweens and teens should live by:

Rule #1: Natural is the Best Way to Go

Young models are often scouted by talent agencies not because of how they look like when wearing makeup but because they are beautiful even without it.

Unfortunately, many teenagers make the mistake of wearing too much of these beauty enhancers when they should be putting on less.

Going natural means wearing as little makeup as possible to avoid hiding the youthful beauty teenagers still possess. This can be achieved through the “Five-Minute Face” process which entails putting makeup within a span of five minutes. This minimizes the number of products she can use and, ultimately, avoiding overdoing her makeup.

Rule #2: Keep it Age-Appropriate

Children aged nine to 17 often experiment on how they look with makeup. With proper guidance, they should make less mistakes in this period of trial-and-error.

One key factor that parents need to think about when teaching their children about mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick is their age. Makeup can be considered age-appropriate if it keeps the child looking her own age.

For Tweens or Pre-Teenagers

Pre-teens or tweens should never wear full makeup, no matter what the occasion is. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean parents have to cut back on their supplies. Instead, they can replace certain makeup pieces with skin-friendly alternatives.

For example, makeup foundation can be replaced by sunscreen or any face moisturizing cream with SPF, lipstick with a tinted lip balm or gloss, and mascara with a clear eyebrow gel. This will allow the pre-teen to feel like she’s putting on big-girl makeup without making her look older than she really is. Plus, the SPF and moisturizing effect is great for maintaining her youthful glow.

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For Teenagers

At this age, many girls feel like they are expected to put on something on their faces to make them feel beautiful. While parents can loosen their reins on teenage girls, they should still teach the youngsters about which makeup look is appropriate for each occasion.

For instance, teens should keep it natural and fresh-looking when going to school by following the Five-Minute Face process mentioned above. If they are attending a party, they can experiment on sparkles, bolder colors, and even fake lashes.

Teens should still use alternatives to foundation and lipstick though. For girls with skin issues and under-eye circles, they can be allowed to use concealers. As for that lady-like blush, pinching the cheeks should do the trick.

Rule #3: Learn About Proper Application

Another important thing teens and pre-teens should learn during their experimentation phase on makeup is the right way of using them. Proper application can be taught by parents or the makeup salesperson in the mall. Several video tutorials covering this topic are also available online.

This skill will prove especially important for aspiring young models. Knowing the proper makeup application techniques and what type of makeup to use to achieve a certain look with or without a makeup artist on hand will certainly be considered an asset.

Rule #4: Never Forget Proper Skin Care

One major advantage of allowing young girls to learn to wear proper makeup is that it also opens an opportunity to get them into a good skincare routine.

Parents can come up with a deal with their daughters where the youngsters should learn how to properly cleanse and care for their skin as they use makeup products. This will also benefit them in the future, especially if they have already begun their path towards modeling. Remember, healthy skin is always a requirement for would-be models.

Making Up with Makeup

Back in the day, tweens and teens are forbidden to wear any sort of makeup as it was always considered an “adult thing.” Now, modern-day beauty trends have paved the way for parents to become more open-minded about it.

Although it isn’t a usual topic in frequently asked questions in modeling, this doesn’t change the fact that the proper use of makeup is an important aspect in a teen model’s career since her looks serve as her asset in the industry.


Adam Jacobs is the Managing Director of Bubblegum Casting, the longest running agency specialising in babies, children and teen talent in Australia. Bubblegum Casting works with some of Australia’s biggest brands, media properties and agencies to secure talented children to work in Television, Film and Modelling roles.

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