Top 5 Maybelline Products

I think it’s safe to say that Maybelline has quickly become my favorite drugstore beauty brand (not including brands like Nyx or Elf since they are mostly available at Targets) lately. I’ve been really impressed especially this past year with their quality and the fact that they are quick to try to provide us affordable beauty products that are trending (like setting sprays, eyeshadow primers, setting powders, etc.) in high-end beauty brands. I’ve tried a lot of Maybelline products lately and I have been absolutely loving them. Here are 5 of my top favorite products from Maybelline, not only are these my favorite Maybelline products, but almost all of them are all my all time favorite beauty products.

Top 5 Maybelline Products:

Master Prime in Blur + Redness Control ($8): This is my favorite all time primer! I’ve gone through 3 of these and still use it. I use the green one to help with my redness, but the other two are really great too. I use this alone, under my foundation or under my powder, for a full review of this product, click here.

Master Concealer ($8.99): This is my most recent Maybelline purchase and the only concealer that I have ever been really happy with. Usually, concealers and I don’t get along because even with color correctors, most of them make my under eye circle look gray. But this one is sooooo good! I only use this when I go out and I actually take the time to color correct and conceal my dark circles. I’ll be doing a full review soon.

Dream Wonder Powder ($7.99): This powder has become a recent favorite of mine! I’m really lazy when it comes to foundation and don’t really like to wear it often, but I do want some coverage. This is the perfect solution for that. I use the Maybelline primer and then the powder on top and it gives me such a light and beautiful coverage without being cakey or powdery. I’ve been using this almost every day lately. For my full review, click here.

Dream Velvet Soft-Matte Hydrating Foundation ($10.99): Another absolute favorite of mine. On days when I do bother with foundation, this is the one I reach for the most. I love that it doesn’t make your skin look dry and cakey or flat and gives my skin a nice and silky finish. You only have to use a very small amount (I use it with a flat top brush) and it gives such a pretty and light coverage. This can be built up for a heavier coverage if that’s what you prefer. For my full review, click here.

Dream Bouncy Blush ($8): One of my favorite blushes, and not gonna lie, the bouncy consistency may have something to do with it. I have this in Pink Frosting and it goes great with my fair skin. I want pretty much every blush shade in this Dream Bouncy collection! For my review, click here.

What are your favorite Maybelline products? Anything else I should be trying from their brand?

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