Top Ten 90’s Beauty Products I Loved!

Another edition of Top Ten Tuesday, this time I’m sharing the my ten 90’s beauty products that I loved! I don’t know about you, but the 90’s had some of the best tv shows (Saved by the Bell), the best music (Backstreet Boys), the best snack (Cookies and Cream Nesquik) and the coolest beauty products.

I was about 10 around the time when I used most of these products, and I swear I could still remember them exactly. Did you use any of these products?

Top Ten 90’s Beauty Products I Loved:

1. Kissing Koolers – OMG, this was my favorite ever! I swear I could still smell the scents of some of the lip balms. I had them in almost every shade.

2. Exclamation perfume – Confession: I used this only because I loved the commercial and wanted to be like the model in the commercial. I don’t even remember what it smelled like, but I remember I loved it.

3. L’Oreal Hair Mascara – This was my first foray into hair color. I remember having the pink, the teal, the gold and the purple and I thought I was a bad ass when I wore it on my hair.

4. Mood lip balms – I had so many of these! Supposedly they would change according to your mood. Not sure if it worked but I loved using them even if they weren’t the best quality.

5. Cover Girl Lip Glass – I had a few of these lip balms, definitely had this copper color featured in the graphic. At this time, my mom only let me wear chapstick as far as makeup went and I thought I was sneaky by wearing a tinted version of it.

6. Maybelline Clear Lash Mascara – Remember when these were all the rage? I thought it was pretty stupid, but that didn’t stop me from buying a tube and wearing the clear mascara every damn day.

7. Roll on body glitter – I may have gone a little overboard on these body glitters sometimes… just a tad.

8. Bonne Bell Flip lipsticks – These were so freaking cool! They reminded me of matches the way the lipsticks would flip out. I loved Bonne Bell and this was my favorite product.

9. Sun In – This smelled so bad and I’m pretty sure it turned my hair a horrible yellowish blonde. But I still liked using it for some reason.

10. Lava Lip Gloss – These were so freaking cool! I loved playing with these almost as much as I liked using them.

Did you just take a trip down memory lane too??? I wish some of these products were still available, I would love for my kids to be able to use them. Who am I kidding? I would love to use them myself. Any other 90’s beauty products that you loved?

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