Weekly Recap & Beauty Haul (2)

I went to Target this week on the hunt for hot pink/orange/yellow eye shadow because I wanted to try something and I was bummed and surprised that other than blue, purple and green they didn’t really have any fun colors for eye shadow options. I would think since it’s Spring, they would be in stock. The closest Sephora/Ulta is about an hour away from me and I’m so lazy to drive that far. Hopefully they stock up on some fun colors soon.

I did find a few other products that I love. I already showed off my March Ipsy bag, which I have now used all the products and I love them. And yes, I even used the face lotion and concealer stick. From someone who despises lotion, this one felt really nice on my face. The Nyx Butter Lipstickand Pixi eyeshadow are still my favorite and were worth the $10 right there.


I haven’t worn mascara in years! Mostly because 99% of them just make my eyelashes go flat, but I remembered the Maybeline Great Lash never did that to me. I’ve yet to be disappointed by anything I’ve bought from ELF. I recently bought this liquid creme eyeliner and I was suprised at how easy it was to apply with the brush and how good it looks. I’ve bought a few fat eyeliner crayons and I’ve hated all of them. This Rimmel ScandalEyes one is really good. It’s good for those days when I’m in a hurry and I just want to swipe something on my lids quickly. I loved the maroon and brown shades in the Maybeline eyeshadow palette.

I found a few new weight loss smoothie recipes and healthy breakfast options, some I already tried and some I’m dying to try. I’m really happy with my progress so far. I wasn’t really that much overweight to begin with, but considering I’m only 4′ 10″, 140 lbs is not very healthy. I’ve already dropped down two pants sizes (from a 14 to a 10) and lost 4″ on my waist (36″). I’ve noticed that you can see a big difference in my face too. I want to start keeping a journal with my measurements to track my progress. I think that might motivate me more and I’ll take any excuse to write in my notebooks.

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