What 2017 Taught Me…

As tough and stressful as 2017 was, there were some valuable lessons that I learned from last year. 2017 was sort of my year of revelations and growing and it felt only fitting that it happened the year before I turn 30. I feel like last year made me a better and wiser person. There were a few tough lessons I had no choice but to learn and a few truths I had to accept. Overall, as happy as I am that 2017 is finally over, I appreciate the lessons I learned from it. 2018, bring it because I’m ready for you!

What 2017 Taught Me:

I can’t do it all. At the beginning of last year, I was a stay at home mom, I had my book blog, this book blog, and the PR business I had been running for the last 3 years. Things were going great at first. Then my little one started Kindergarten which was a huge adjustment. I started taking care of a 5 month old baby boy for 11 hours a day (who is now 13 months), which was also a huge adjustment. What went from almost 8 full hours I had to dedicate to the business I had dwindled down significantly, but I was still managing it, even if it was just barely and I got 4 hours of sleep most nights. Then the disaster that was my house leak happened, which not only ruined my cabinets but also gave my walls mold. But I also had one hell of a time dealing with the insurance and barely got enough money to repair everything. To top it all off, the company we hired for the repairs did a shitty job, my cabinets didn’t match, they broke my granite, messed up my garbage disposal and faucet so we had to hire someone else to fix that. This was around July of last year and it ended up taking about 3 months to repair and that took a huge toll on my emotional health. I got really behind on work and had to bring someone else in to help me. Eventually, I realized I just couldn’t handle it anymore and had to pass it along, which makes me sad, but it’s also a huge relief.

It’s not about how many friends you have, it’s about being able to count on the friends you do have. The one thing that I will always be thankful about blogging is the friends I’ve made. I’ve made two very good friends in particular who I’ve been talking to for about four years now and who I talk to pretty much every single day. I will never be one of those people who is always interacting with everyone on social media, but that’s perfectly okay with me because while I may not have a lot of friends, I have all the friends I need.

You don’t have to diet and go to the gym all the time in order to lose weight. I’m the type of person that if I know I can’t have something, it only makes me want it more. I love my ice cream, and pasta and breads and brownies, which is why diets never work on me and I don’t even bother with them. I lost more than 15lbs last year without going on a diet or going to the gym constantly. Sure, I added exercise here and there, but I don’t have much time to fit in gym time so it was pretty much me just eating healthier and still eating what I want, but in moderation. My boyfriend and I did the same thing and we both lost weight and it was easy and painless.

Taylor Swift is one of the sweetest persons ever. I’ll admit that I haven’t always been the biggest Taylor Swift fan. I flat out didn’t like her when all she talked about in interviews was her ex boyfriends *eyeroll* But, like most little girls, my daughters love her. I tolerated her songs for them, but then I found myself liking them, then Blank Space came out and I caved and bought her cd and after that I was a full on Swiftie. I’ve gone back and heard her older songs now and I’m not even ashamed to say that her songs are the most played in my house, car and anywhere else. I love how she treats her fans and wish more celebrities and singers were more like her.

I can’t function on 4-5 hours of sleep. I’m getting old, I’ll be 30 this May and I am perfectly fine with that. I just have to realize that my body isn’t the same as it was a few years ago. I’ve always been a late sleeper and could function on very little sleep. Even when I worked full time, most nights I used to stay up until 2-3am reading. Now, by like 10-11pm I’m dying to go to sleep! I have so much more going on than I did a few years ago and I guess I just get tired faster now. Or, like I said I’m probably just getting old! My reading time has gone down significantly and I’ve had to accept that I can no longer stay up late to read. This means I can no longer read 4-5 books a week like I used to. I’m down to 1-2 books a week and I’m fine with that.

Netflix is best in small doses. I’ve had Netflix for years, but I never actually used it until last year. I needed something to help me stay awake while I stayed up working late at night and I turned to Netflix. Netflix was always there for me and I binged on sooooo many shows. In a way, I’m thankful for the time Netflix and I spent together because it made working so much more enjoyable. But it was also kind of unhealthy how much Netflix I was watching. (I could watch a season in about two days). I’ve cut way down on my Netflixing and my eyes are thankful for that.

Fake people are everywhere and I want nothing to do with them. In the blogging world, this is a big deal. I’ve noticed there are a lot of bloggers (mostly book bloggers) who fake liking a book so they don’t offend authors or to keep getting free books and I’ve cut ties from them. From what I’ve seen, this isn’t just a problem in the book blogging world and it’s a harsh truth that fake people are everywhere.

When to say no. I like helping people, I like knowing that if I ever need something there is someone I can count on and I want people to say the same about me. Unfortunately, that also means I can’t say yes all the time. I used to help my neighbor by taking care of her kids sometimes when she was working, and dropping them off or picking them up at school. Once in a while was fine, but when I have to get two girls ready for school and pick up the baby I take care of on the way to school, it makes it really hard to drop off other kids at a different school or to wait over 30 minutes for them to get out of school if I had to pick them up too. Babies in a non-moving car are not happy and I didn’t want to waste gas driving around. Sometimes, my daughters friends would stay at my house after school for hours, which also got exhausting. I’ve learned that it’s okay to be nice and do favors, but I also have to learn when to say no.

I need to take better care of myself. When I was running on 2-3 hours of sleep (most days) the rest of the day was just miserable for me and everyone else involved. Everything is so much better when I sleep more and eat healthier.

It’s okay to admit to liking Justin Beiber’s music. This was a big breakthrough for me in 2017. I HATED Justin Beiber, he was just a punk kid who got on my damn nerves. Actually, he’s still a punk kid who get’s on my damn nerves. But I’m no longer ashamed to admit that I like his music, because his latest CD is damn good! 2016 Nereyda would have NEVER admitted this. I’m growing people!

There you have it, that’s what I learned from in 2017. What lessons did 2017 have for you?

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