Working From Home? Rock It With These Lounge-wear Sets


Quarantine is not easy, especially when you have to work from home. It has been extremely difficult for women to find the perfect outfit that not only defines the comfort of working from home but which also looks chic and a bit work-like. Okay, so you cannot wear nighty or lingerie, even if you are in isolation because you have to attend official meetings and work from home. So what you should opt for in such situations? Perfect loungewear is what you need.

Sweatpants and T-shirts may do the job but there is something amazing about the matching loungewear. A good loungewear set not only gives you comfort but it is also perfect for home meetings and working from home during this lockdown period.

Here are a few loungewear options that you can choose if you are working from home.


  1. Lounge sleeves loungewear:

Lounge sleeves loungewear is always our personal favorite as it is comfortable plus extremely stylish. Such loungewear comes in sets and if the top is made of V neck, the comfort is super increased. You can wear this all-black long sleeves V neck loungewear set and slay your work from home scenario without compromising on the comfort.

  1. Oversized Hoodie Shorts:

Whenever it comes to comfort, oversized clothes come in mind. Especially when you are at home, you usually go for your brother’s old T-shirt and shorts to find the comfort you are looking for. Oversized hoodie shorts are made for such women who want some air. Moreover, oversized clothes are extremely in trend these days. You can rock this sleeveless oversized hoodie shorts loungewear set while working from home.

  1. High Waisted Joggers:

High waisted joggers are known for their comfort and not just that, they are quite stylish as well. You can buy a petite loungewear set of lightweight high waisted joggers and top to stay cozy during this quarantine days and work from home with style. Even if you have to go out for grocery shopping, you can just pick up white trainers to nail the comfortable go-to look of the season.

  1. Oversized Jumper:

Oversized jumpers are always cozy to wear and fashionable. Sherpa print is quite in-demand these days so you can pick a combo of Sherpa style oversized jumper to rock the work from home look with a classy look. If you like white, go for white loungewear in this style to make a statement look. Who said that you can’t look stylish at home? You can pick this amazing jumper to nail the style factor while keeping the comfort level on point.

Apart from these, you can opt for a PJ set if you don’t like to overshow yourself during the quarantine days. Cropped loungewear is also high in trend if you would like to buy those. All of the amazing loungewear sets are available at Femme Luxe, go check it out and buy your favorite items in discount.

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