Your Weekend Wardrobe Top Picks


Picking an outfit for weekends is the most difficult decision a girl has to make. All week you are busy at work and doing household chores but the weekend is the time when you can finally take out some free time and enjoy your life. No matter whether you are going out with your girlfriends or you have a big date night with your man, choosing the right outfit can make or break your day. Don’t panic though, here are some of the top picks for your weekend wardrobe.

  1. Utility Mini Shirt Dress:

If you are planning to hit the roads with your friends and have some fun on a day trip at weekend, then you can opt for a utility mini shirt dress which is highly in trend these days. Utility dress is not only comfy but looks utterly stylish as well. And the mini shirt dress paired up with the knee-high boots or ankle boots will make a perfect combo for the day out road trip. Such mini shirt dresses often come with a belt that adds even more style to the outfit. You can choose the color according to your choice but deep colors always look good in utility dresses. You can buy good quality mini dresses from here.

  1. Floral Mesh Bodycon Mini Dress:

If you have party plans for the weekend and you want to nail the look, you can go or the floral mesh bodycon mini dress. Such dresses come with floral cuffed sleeves that add a statement to the entire dress. You can pair it up with high heels or stilettos to create a perfect party look. Pink is my go-to color for any party and such dresses look girly in pink so I must suggest you to buy this dress in pink, otherwise, the choice is yours. If you like to buy all things pink, visit this webpage.

  1. Denim Mini Dress:

Another utility dress option for you and this time its denim! If you have plans for the weekend with your friends and you don’t want anything fancy, a denim mini dress would be the perfect choice for you. You can add style to this type of mini dress by adding high heels. Or if you want to stay in your comfort zone, pair this mini dress up with some flats. If you would like to spend some bucks in denim dresses don’t forget to purchase a denim mini dress to plan your weekend wardrobe.

  1. Leather Leggings:

Leather leggings not only are comfy but they are chic too. You must spend some money on purchasing leather leggings as you can pair it with any top of your choice and create a comfortable daytime look or you can use a bling top to create a night out dress. You can buy some good leather leggings so that you don’t have to worry anymore about the weekend wardrobe.

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