5 Beauty Trends That Have Taken Off in 2018

Staying up to date with all the new beauty trends can get challenging and overwhelming. It seems like that the beauty industry is constantly coming out with new and breathtaking ideas. For instance, there have been some breakthroughs in the hair and makeup field that have become a ”must have” at many salons in 2018. Do you want to hop on board with all the new ideas and do some of these trends on your own? Or are you just interested in finding out about all the hype? Either way, you are right where you need to be!

5 Interesting And New Beauty Trends In 2018

1. Sparkling Body

Ever since the famous singer Rihanna came out with her own makeup line, brands have been stepping up their game. Rihanna and her ”Fenty Beauty” makeup brand have taken off so fast in such a short period of time. In fact, the brand was created in 2017, and it only took one year for Rihanna to create glosses, foundations, highlighters, brushes and whatnot. One of her ultimate favorites and fast-selling products in 2018 was the liquid highlighter called Body Lava. This trend allowed women of all ages, races, and makeup preferences, to enjoy this shimmery miracle. The Body Lava was the perfect choice for those who wanted a bit of shimmer all over their body or even their face. This liquid highlighter is still a popular trend and is not going away any time soon.

2. Eyelash Extensions

If you are someone who is a fan of extensions than you might just know how popular they were this entire year. Due to several beauty influencers and YouTubers, permanent lash extensions took off like never before. Beauty gurus such as Chloe Morello and Desi Perkins have inspired this trend by saying how much they love the simplicity yet the stunning outcome that lashes provide, and they’ve shocked the internet with their mesmerizing before and after pictures. In fact, many women around the world love getting them done because they are very sturdy, and perfect for those who want to have a long lasting solution, without worrying about any smearing or fallout. Also, eyelash extensions are the ideal option for the wedding or the honeymoon, which is, in fact, the reason why Chloe Morello got them in the first place.

Beauty trends 2018

3. Full Face of Glitter

Even though it is a weird one, this trend took off really quick. In late 2017 and early 2018, people started doing makeup transformations where they would only apply glitter on their face! This trend was inspired by the entire beauty community, where people began creating these videos, and they’ve shared them on their YouTube channels. The point of the challenge was to wear a full face of glitter and to apply it with your brushes, and still look your best! Although it might have not been a makeup look that you could wear outside your house, it was still a trend that caught on.

4. Glitter Masks

It looks like 2018 was all about the glitters since another glitter breakthrough was also made. In fact, in 2018, after watching a bunch on these glitter makeup challenges over social media, the beauty industry spotted a good chance, and they’ve come out with something innovative called a glitter mask. The mask had to be applied over the entire face with fingers or with a spatula and would feel very cooling on the skin. Later on, you would wipe it off with some water, and you would be left with shiny, glowy and dewy skin. Some brands like Glamglow and My Little Pony came out with some of the most used and popular masks throughout this year.

5. The Color Blue

colorful eyeshadowWe can all thank Kim Kardashian for bringing this color back. Kim created her own makeup line called KKW beauty where she launched several products. Her most loved, and highly talked about, was the palette called KKW x Mario. Kim combined her knowledge with her makeup artists knowledge (Mario Dedivanovic), and they’ve created an absolutely stunning and a must-have product! The palette features 10 different shadows where everyone pointed out and mostly used a bright blue one. The palette was actually sold at a reasonable price (considering it is Kim we are talking about) and soon reached millions of her dedicated followers.

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