Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment vs. Covergirl Oh Sugar Review

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment vs. Covergirl Oh Sugar Review

I love a good tinted lip balm. I splurge last year on the Fresh Sugar lip balm and I was so in love with it. As much as I love it, I can’t bring myself to spend on another one, as it is quite expensive. I have been looking for an affordable substitute or comparable lip balm and have had no luck.

When I say that Covergirl was releasing their version of the Oh Sugar lip balm, I knew I had to try it. I had a feeling this would be a good substitute or come pretty damn close. I looked for them at a few Walgreens and Targets and they were always out, I ended up finding it at Amazon and although they had a variety of colors (and I wanted them all) I went with the closest to the Fresh Sugar shade I had.

For those of you looking for a good, affordable tinted lip balm, keep reading to see if this is a match!

Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment (SPF 15) Review:

I had been after one of these lip balms for months, but I could never bring myself to spend much on a freaking lip balm, no matter how pretty it is. Last May, after getting birthday gifts I decided to finally splurge on this. (For some reason it’s different wasting money you got as a gift as opposed to your own money, at least to me it does).

I immediately fell in love with Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment and used it all the time…until I realized how fast I was going through my tube. I really didn’t want to buy another one, so I ended up only using this sparingly. I made it last a few months and mourned my lip balm when I finally finished it.

Yes, the lip balm is amazing and well worth the money (in my opinion), especially considering how freaking pretty that metal tube packaging is. While I love this, my wallet hurts at the thought of buying another one.

Covergirl Oh Sugar Lip Balm Review:

I got the Candy shade of Covergirl Oh Sugar Lip Balm since it was the closest they had to the Rose lip treatment, and it’s also that perfect pinky shade I like in lip balms. I was so pleasantly surprised with this as soon as I opened my tube.

I do have to admit that I was initially put off by the stark white plastic casing for the actual balm (yeah, I’m a sucker for pretty packaging), but if that means I save a lot of bucks, then I can ignore that pretty easily. 🙂

The scent and look of this is so similar to the Fresh product, I was almost afraid to test it out. It seemed too good to be true. After that first swipe, I knew I had a winner. The tint of this is so similar the Fresh one, and the feel of it is also pretty damn similar. It hydrates my lips while giving my lips some ‘life.’ Although this was a tiny bit (and I do mean tiny) on the…grainy side, it wasn’t enough to make my like it any less.

The best part is that I can use this whenever and as often as I want without worrying that I’m gonna run out soon, because it’s okay if I do since it was so affordable.

Splurge or Save?

If you are a hardcore fan of the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments… then maybe you should stick with those, although I think the Covergirl Oh Sugar lip balms are a fantastic alternative! If you prefer to use some of that extra cash to buy more lip balms, or anything else your little heart desires, but still want the finish and look of the Fresh Sugar, then I think you will love the Oh Sugar lip balms. You can get 3 of these for the same price as one of the Fresh Sugars, which is a win in my book!

As for me, I’m choosing to save on this product. I loved the color and the finish and I want every single shade. The best part is that I won’t have to make a dent in my wallet to get a few (or all) of these. I highly suggest giving these a try!

What are your favorite tinted lip balms? Have you tried the Oh Sugar balms yet?

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