My Top 10 Must-Have Apps

My phone is pretty much a permanent part of my hand, I have it with me all the time and when I don’t I feel like I’m missing…something. I’m not always on my phone, but I do always like having my phone with me. I use my phone a lot for normal things like listening to music, audiobook, watching videos, checking emails, taking pictures, etc. And while most of the apps on my fun are fun to have, I do have a few that are on my must-have lists. These are the top 10 apps that I’meither always using or can’t be without.

My Top 10 Must-Have Apps:

Apple Music: Music is so important to me, I can’t be without it. I had Rhapsody for years but after the latest update, it was always glitching on me and it had this bad habit of not working where I live (it wouldn’t start working until I drove into the city). I’ve been using Apple Music for a few months and I love it! I’m always listening to music, either while I’m cleaning, cooking, doing chores, blogging, or driving, I need my music.

Hangouts: I don’t ever really use the texting app on my phone because I’m not really a fan of texting. In fact, I’m a pretty terrible texter. I type awful and most of the time I forget to text people back. I got this app a few years ago and I’ve been hooked. I love that I can use this on my phone or computer and the ‘chat style’ format make it easier for me to use. I use this app so much since I’m usually always talking to my sister, my mom, my boyfriend and a few blogging friends.

Tsum Tsum: This is my latest obsession and I’m not even ashamed to admit it. I originally got this game for my kids because they love collecting the actual Tsum Tsum plushes and the first time I downloaded I ended up playing for like two hours straight. Oops. It’s a little bit like Bejeweled but funner and a whole lot cuter. I actually just hit the 3 million score mark last week, which I’m pretty freaking excited about.

Camera: I’m amazed at how good the camera on this phone is (Samsung Galaxy 6+ Edge) and I’ve been using it to take my blog and instagram pictures lately. I love that I can take the picture and edit it directly on my phone.

Snapseed: I’ve played around with a few photo editing apps and this one is my favorite. It’s easy and very user-friendly and I like how it makes my pictures look.

YouTube: I spend way too much time on here watching music videos, music performances and beauty tutorials. I love checking my feed every morning to see what new videos I have.

Bloglovin: This is a new favorite for me. I’ve always struggled with keeping up with my blog feed because it’s so time consuming. Lately, I’ve been checking my feed and my phone app and saving the ones I want to come back to comment on by marking them as ‘unread.’ When I do have time to comment on my computer, my feed is clean and the posts I want to comment on are ready for me. I’ve been doing a much better job at commenting since I started doing this.

Kindle: I love to read, but I don’t always have the time. I love having all my e-book on my app so that I can read a few pages when I have the time. It syncs between the app and my actual Kindle so I can easily switch back and both between devices.

Audble/Listen Audiobook Player: Since these are both audiobook apps, I’m counting them as one. I listen to about 3-4 audiobooks a week, I love them! For the audiobooks that I buy, I used the Audible app, for the audiobooks that I get from publishers to review I listen to them on the Listen Audiobook Player app. I also like to listen to audiobooks when I’m driving, cooking, cleaning, etc.

Instagram: I finally made an Instagram account in January and I’ve been really liking it. I like looking at different type of pictures of beauty products, mini tutorials, books, and fashion.

Pinterest: This is one that I really have to limit my use of because I could get sucked in a Pinterest vortex if I don’t. Especially if I find any Disney related pins.

What are your favorite phone apps?

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