Top Ten Hair Inspirations

I think my hair must have some sort of split personality. A part of me wishes I could have really long hair, another part of me wants to have really short hair, most of me wants a beautiful blonde ombre while another small, but very insistant part of me wants some sort of pink in my hair. These are the top 10 hairstyles I wish I could have.

I just cut my hair really short last week, almost exactly like the cut in the 6th picture, and I love it. I’m going back next week to add some color in my hair and this is where I’m undecided. I love ombre, I’ve had ombre for about 4 years now, and it’s my favorite. I love how it always comes out differently, but my favorite thing about it is how long it lasts between sessions. Since the top of my hair is a darker blonde, my roots blend into them really naturally and I can pull it off for about 6 months before I have to go back in for a retouch. I’ve never had ombre on hair this short before though, although I like teh way it looks in pictures.

Pink hair is a weakness of mine. Over the year I have had hot pink and light pink highlights, streaks or ombre and while I absolutely LOVE it, it just doesn’t last long and my hair isn’t healthy enough to be dyeing it that often. So as much as I really want to get something pink like the first to pictures, I will probably end up going with blonde ombre again.

Which celebrity causes you to have hair envy? A current one of mine is Julianne Hough.

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